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Dialog Box saying I/O Error 104 for DXCC_XML_LIST [wiadomość #215] nie, 23 padziernik 2016 22:16
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Hello All !
From station W2DX I get this e_mail
Hello Jerzy,

I just started using DXCC_XML_LIST and get an error after the ADIF download from ClubLog and the records are parsed. I get a Dialog Box saying I/O Error 104. If the Display QSOs checkbox is checked, this Dialog Box is hidden behind THE ClubLog main form and I can't click on the OK button nor do anything else, otherwise it is in front of the ClubLog form and I can click OK to close it.

I am running this on a Windows laptop with Windows 10, version 1607 Build 14393.321

If I can be of further assistance, let me know.


Dell - W2DX
There are my answer
Hello Dell !
Perhaps you are doing this error because :

Program DXCC_XML_LIST was project to compare two adif file .
Sou - it must know where is first adif file what is export from your logger and second adif file what produced CLUBLOG .

You are perhapaps uploaded your adif file to CLUBLOG by another webbrowser as example Firefox or Internet Explorer
and next only download adif file from CLUBLOG .
Name first file and directory is unknow for DXCC_XML_LIST .

Sou do as this step:
1. First copy your adif file from Logger to directory DXCC_XML_list\FOR_CLUBLOG
2. Run DXCC_XML_LIST and choose Compare your adif file with file from CLUBLOG
3. Next do as is descibed in a link on my page
http:// t_value_accor_www_clublog_and_xml_file.php

4 . It is very important to first upload adif file from logger to CLUBLOG , ever if you previous upload it by for example by Firefox and next wait for e-mail and only then download adif file from CLUBLOG .
There are repated error Input/Output error 104 if first downlaoad adif file

Perhaps I do protection in my program to check , if user uploaded adif file before download.
But why day have only 24 hours - Confused I do also program AWARD_SECRETARY for do application for any awards

Vy 73 de Jerzy SP9AUV

Pozdrawiam - Best regards Vy 73 de Jerzy SP9AUV - admin FUDFORUM
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