1 SP9AUV- route to Amateur Radio and my interests
2 Discussion group about programs and Guest book
3 Useful files to download - instructions for TRX - comparative analysis - opinions
3.1 FireFTP plugin for download files and entire directories
3.2 Total Commander for downloading entire directories and files
4 Shortcut description program for amateurs - radio developed by SP9AUV
5 AWARD_SECRETARY project and its purpose
5.1 Download project AWARD_SECRETARY and version history
5.2 Solving problems with the display CHM help files
5.3 Installation for the project AWARD_SECRETARY
5.4 Report from scan files on virustotal
5.5 Preliminary observations on columns In tables
5.6 Quick start  AWARD_SECRETARY to obtain the award
5.7 Numbering QSL by label as a quick way to find the QSL for awards
5.8 Bookmarks implementing the function program
5.8.1 Submit award tab for filing application award
5.8.2 Conditions confirmation of the QSL or LOTW For Award
5.9 Bookmark Application sheet for print
5.9.1 Bookmark Main database of QSOs Entering abnormal data for Polish awards Entering abnormal data for awards
5.9.2 Bookmark Summary ARRL awards
5.9.3 Bookmark printing and print preview application
5.9.4 Bookmark Other special requests
5.10 Description of the procedure for 1st application for award
5.10.1 Checking the correctness data in the imported file of ADIF
5.11 Description of the procedure for award supplement - endorsement
5.12 Merging several awards ARRL in one notification application
5.13 The cheapest method ON-LINE applications for the ARRL DXCC award
5.14 Restoring the state start  of award from the file
5.15 Optimization Tactics for checking confirmations QSO for ARRL awards
5.16 Control of mistakes made by users at various stages of the calculations
5.17 Backup and restore  table MYSQL
5.18 Uninstalling program AWARD_SECRETARY
5.19 Installing MYSQL database
5.19.1 The proceedings in the case of not positive install MYSQL or improper configuration
6 Topics for designing for programs amateur radio and professional persons
6.1 Instalation database MYSQL for computer science
6.1.1 Basic Concepts for databases
6.1.2 Installing MYSQL database version 5.1 Installing MySQL Community Server Version 5.1 Installing MySQL Gui Tools for MySQL version 5.1 Installing MySQL Connector / ODBC for MySQL 5.1 Configure MySQL 5.1 by administrative tools Configuring the connection to the ODBC for server version 5 1
6.1.3 Installing MYSQL database version 5.5 Installing Net Framework version 4.0 Installing Microsoft Visuall C ++ runtime package redistuable Installing MySQL Server 5.5 Installing MySQL Workbench Version 5.2.39 Configure MySQL 5.5 by program Workbench 5.2.34 Installing MySQL Connector / ODBC for MySQL 5.5 Configuring the connection for ODBC for server version version 5.5
7 Universal DXCC list in the world for all programming languages
7.1 Program DXCC_XML_List.exe
7.2 Search DXCC entity list in a XML format  and from www CLUBLOG
7.3 Convert ADIF log of logger-s to the correct values according to the website CLUBLOG and by XML
7.4 Save result in ADIF format or CSV with corrected fields
7.5 Downloading program DXCC_XML_LIST.exe
8 Program Looking HAM DATA and purpose of its development
8.1 Instructions for use Program
8.2 Downloading Looking_HAM_DATA and Version History
9 Programs cooperating  with Logger32
9.1 Downloading programs cooperating with Logger32
9.2 Cooperating program with Logger32 and showing no QSL bureau
9.2.1 Purpose of the program BUREAU_NOT_PRESENT
9.2.2 Installation and configuration program BUREAU_NOT_PRESENT
9.3 Programs work with Logger32 and QRZ_COM
9.3.1 Purpose of the program BUREAU_ALL_QRZ_COM_FI
9.3.2 Installation and configuration program BUREAU_ALL_QRZ_COM_FI
9.3.3 Cooperating with Logger32 when it also cooperating with another external  program
9.3.4 Problems with installation and how solve problems
9.3.5 Description of the process downloading data and restrictions applicable on QRZ.com
9.3.6 Principles of the correction data from QRZ_COM for QSL_Via field
9.3.7 Report from test under different operations system
10 Program HAM SECRETARY and its purpose
10.1 Downloading-program
10.2 Quick Start Program
10.3 Create a shortcut to the program on your desktop
10.4 Configuration program for work
10.4.1 Configuration for sorting and translation files
10.4.2 Configuration personal data
10.4.3 Configure pattern FRM Cabrillo format
10.5 Prints QSL cards, labels, envelopes and bookmarks
10.5.1 Description fields in a pattern for print
10.5.2 Design process pattern for print- examples
10.5.3 Prints and previews for real data
10.5.4 Checking existing QSL bureau
10.5.5 Checking existing QSL Bureau for polish station
10.5.6 Downloading address direct from QRZ.COM
10.5.7 Edit pattern template
10.5.8 Discussion of different types of printers and printing methods
10.5.9 Troubleshooting Printing Problem What stickers labels  buy and where, the problem of printing margins
10.5.10 Help and about the program and author
11 Preparation file for printing QSL for different loggers
12 Preparing Linux and Wine cooperation with HAM_SECREATARY
13 Preparing files for printing with use mail merge method
13.1 Sort according to list DXCC
13.2 Sort according to number ADIF
13.3 Sort by the callsign station
14 Translation files
15 Bookmarks for the home archive papers cards
15.1 Sort bokmarks according to DXCC list
15.2 Sort bookmarks according to number ADIF
15.3 Finding No DXCC and ADIF for the specified callsign
16 Field QSL_via - via QSL Manger
17 Files for printing the bookmarks between countries
18 Creating file cabrillo for contest
19 DXCC list

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